Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Slab on Grade Project, Sri Lanka

April 20, 2023

Completed Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Slab on Grade Project, Sri LankaCoGri Asia Pacific recently finished a prestigious warehouse project in Sri Lanka, the second of two projects completed for Access Engineering, the largest main contractor in Sri Lanka.

The Project

Warehouse Flooring Plan Sri Lanka Project
1. Warehouse Flooring Plan

The client, Michelin Lanka, a large organization in the tire and inner tube industry, required 72,000 sqm of warehouse space to be constructed in Ja Ela, approximately 30km north of the heart of Colombo.

2 warehouses were built, each 36,000 sqm with steel fibre slab on grade, 170mm thick to FM2, using site-batched concrete from Access Engineering and 2 Laser Screeds to ensure not a single day of casting was lost.

A total of 56 castings were completed.

What is Slab on Grade?

Slab on grade refers to the construction of a building foundation without a basement or crawlspace. The concrete slab is poured directly onto the ground, and because excavation and backfilling are not required it is more affordable, efficient, and usually quicker to construct.

Steel fibres are incorporated into the concrete mix to strengthen the slab and improve durability, adding flexural strength and impact resistance to endure heavy loads and traffic.

What is an FM2 Floor Classification?

Whole Aisle Width Grinding USA
2. High Tolerance Concrete Floor Slab

Floor FM2 classification can be found in the Concrete Society’s Technical Report No 34 (TR34) 4th edition. FM stands for Free Movement floors where materials handling equipment (MHE) move about the floor randomly, in any direction.

An FM2 floor is designed to meet the minimum level of flatness and levelness prescribed by the Concrete Society for this classification. It is typically used in buildings containing wide aisle racking with stacking or racking over 8m high.

From a compliance perspective, all but a couple of panels hit FM1, the highest standard of flatness and levelness.

Access Engineering

CoGri Asia Pacific was delighted to be working once again with Access Engineering PLC, especially as they provided a consistent concrete mix from day one. With sub-base preparation, levelness, and compaction the best that has been seen across Asia.

CoGri Asia Pacific is thrilled that we were able to produce a high-speed, high-tolerance SFRC slab to such a high specification.

For further information on SFRC slab on grade or to discuss your latest flooring project in Asia, contact CoGri Asia Pacific today.

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